The Summerlands

A Novel by Susan Butler Colwell

Hunky archangels, the four elementals, the afterlife, souls on missions in human form, demons, magic, witches, dragons, immortals, God/Goddess/Source, and the King of the Underworld—Colwell’s prose is a magical joyride through mystical worlds, dark secrets, spiritual truths and every kind of love.











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The Summerlands is a work of metaphysical fiction that speaks to the heart… characters you’ll fall in love with, sumptuous visuals, and glimpses into the realm we belong to when we are not so busy believing we are human. This book will breathe magic into your soul.

About The Book

Sera Parker believes she’s an ordinary young woman embarking on a new life in a charming Virginia town. When her soul clan—including smokin’ hot Archangel Michael, her fellow elementals, air, water, and earth, and a smattering of witches—gather to announce she is one of eight sworn protectors of the Earth plane she doesn’t believe them.

Sera’s default systems for awakening from her dream of being human aren’t doing the trick, the mortal half of her brain is fighting to hold on. As Sera slowly begins to remember her true identity, she realizes there’s still a considerable chunk of her soul memories missingher motivation for making the unthinkable decision to live in the Underworld for three decades among them.

Soul memories are a tricky thing. Too many too soon can drive you mad, and Sera finds herself in the agonizing position of needing to know the reason for her betrayal, and not being sure she can live with the terrible price she might have to pay for the answers. Finding out means a trip to the Summerlands to search the Akashic Records, and Sera worries Goddess will toss her into Darkstar—the seedy afterlife for low-energy beings—the moment she arrives.

Will Sera regain her soul memories without going insane? Can she live down the shame of betraying her true love? Will she learn the truth in time to stop the destruction of the last incarnation of planet Earth?

Find out in The Summerlands; book one of the Angels and Elementals series.


I loved the author’s explicit descriptive skill. Her descriptions were more than just creative; it was as if she had a first-hand experience of the metaphysical. As earlier stated, it seemed like she had seen an archangel or a metaphysical element before and probably interacted with them. They felt real to me as I read the book. The actions and battles were also well narrated and described to feed the reader’s imagination.

Online Book Club

To the there and back again, Susan Butler Colwell launches into an imaginative romp into other dimensions, including the book title, The Summerlands. An adventurous exploration of eternal love involving elementals and archangels, this joyous escape (but real…right?) made me laugh out loud at times due to the author’s clear-voiced, witty characters. Written with authority, a keen sense of humor, and dynamic fight scenes, I’m eager for the next book in the series.

Kristina I.

I laughed out loud at one point and startled myself.
It has been a long time since I was so thoroughly engrossed in a written story…thank you Susan Butler Colwell.
Gwen P.

The Summerlands is a magical, mystical masterpiece. The heavenly beings in the story are such well-developed characters I find myself wanting to have a conversation with each one.

Helen K.

This journey has a little bit of something for everyone….action, romance, drama, magic, and even the occasional sarcastic quip (a personal favorite).

Pamela B.

The Summerlands was very captivating and mesmerizing. I didn’t want to put it down. It was full of never-ending love and friendships and unconditional love. I can’t wait for more.

Bonnie F.

I have to say this genre of book is not what I usually read, but I was totally swept up in Seraphina’s mystical life. It has a little bit of everything — intrigue, mystery, laugh out loud humor, action, romance, and it takes you on a magical journey that is a totally fun experience! Whether you read the book or listen to the audio, you will enjoy every minute!

Nancy O.